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Lemuria is a lost continent, isolated and self-contained. If it ever had contact with whatever is beyond the Veil of the Tempest, it has long since forgotten anything beyond it’s limits.

The land of Ethamore was once ruled by a Monarchy. Circumstances conspired to cause the collapse of the Kingdom. The last King of Ethamore was Ethalias IV. Despite his wisdom he was unable to prevent his realm falling into ruin

Since those events, Ethamore has become a dangerous place. The population is concentrated around the remaining cities of the Kingdom, which now form a number of city states of various sizes. The land between is feral and lawless, and travel is fraught with peril.

For as long as people can remember, sages, known colloquially as the Weather Men have talked about the Wind of Ages. Many view these sages as crackpot eccentrics, others as dangerous heathens, and other still view them as wise prophets.

Main Page

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